Why is the baking process so important?

The process of roasting or roasting coffee is perhaps the most crucial stage in the processing of coffee. Skills roasting is an art based on many years of experience and exceptional intuition.

It is important to mention that each variety of coffee requires a different way and time of roasting, respectively affecting the final taste result.

In the laboratories of IL TOTO you will find an experienced team with knowledge and passion to watch the baking process from the first to the last moment. We treat coffee as a living organism, since we have chosen to process it in front of the public.

We have state-of-the-art machines with precision thermal sensors in order to achieve the ideal cooking temperature each time and to properly highlight all the unique aromas and special flavors of each variety.

Before the Roasting process, the beans are green and do not smell like coffee at all. When we bake the beans, 800 to 1000 different aroma compounds develop. These compounds give coffee its final flavor and aroma.

At the end of the roasting process, the coffee beans are immediately cooled to stop the natural burning process.

The coffee is then kept in a special place in order to fully develop its characteristics.

Roasting Type:

  • Light Roast:
    Light brown color.
    No oils on the surface.
  • Medium Roast:
    Slightly sweeter aftertaste.
    Aromatic Balance and acidity.
  • Medium Dark Roast
    Rich, with a darker color.
    Bitter aftertaste.
    No acidity.
  • Dark Roast
    Bright black color with oils on the surface.
    Typical dose of bitterness.